The Estate

There is nothing quite like living in a historical wine region and co-existing with the vines. It is our mission to make fantastic wines which are able to conjure this magical place in a sip.


Our vineyard is one of the oldest certified organic vineyards in the country. Spanning 24 hectares, we have plantations in the southern slopes of Mount Saint George, Szigliget, Hajagos, and Lesencetomaj.

Our philosophy is simple, just like our connection to the world surrounding us: to produce something of beauty and permanent value, while maintaining ethical farming practices. This is why we are firm believers of organic farming and sustainable development. Our mission is to tell the story of this small corner of the Earth in liquid form, and to do it with ecological approaches, the ethical use of nature, and a combination of traditional and new oenological practices.



Riesling, Pinot Gris, Kéknyelű (local), Rózsakő (local), Zeus (local), Zenit (local), Furmint, Cserszegi Fűszeres, Muscat Ottonel, Hárslevelű, Csókaszőlő, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir

Farming practices:

We have been farming organically since the very beginning, and we are blessed with neighbours who follow the same approach. This way, we are working together as a community, so that the mountain, our home, will produce outstanding vine for a long time. There are more and more people realising and appreciating the fact that organic farming is not really about the tools of farming, but about the way you look at the process of making wine: a smaller, but more  certain, sustainable yield, and a higher quality wine.

We maintain careful farming practices, and we follow the same approach when we process the grapes. We do not use absorbable plant protection agents, instead, we rely heavily on foliar manure and orange oil, helped out with sulphur. All our grapes are pruned and harvested by hand, so that we are able to follow their life-cycle from the first buds to bottling.


Both of us are native to the area: my wife is from Tapolca, and I was born in Szigliget. Mount Saint George has always had a special place in our heart, sineve we grew up here: this is where we hiked, harvested, and where my wife’s family had a small cellar. For us, this place is still as untamed, wild, and romantic, as it was in our youth, and we are happy to share it with others, even if it’s only in a glass of wine.

We built a house here in 1999, and re-planted the vines in the surrounding 2 acres. In a couple of years, this small area came into fruit, and we tried our best to stay true to the nature of the place, and to produce the best wines that we could. Later, the family grew, and so did the estate. But of course, that needed both of us. I still bless my luck that I married a woman, who was wise enough to know even all those years ago, that by following organic practices, we are farming for the future and our children.